Upstream of Consciousness wants to be a collection of interviews that only contain answers. I will provide 5 phrases, words, quotes, links, pictures, or videos (in italics) and your consciousness will provide the rest. Responses can be short or long, real or fictional, words, links, or anything in between. In return, each of my "subjects" will give me 1 item back which I will then respond to (under the heading Ripple, with a number next to it). Come, swim for a while.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ripple (4)

4. the spinning dancer [Mary]

wait to see

curve and rhythm,

the body inseparable

from the air, the stage falling

from beneath to make way for the feet turning

on point like the end of a brief and passionate argument

when ex-lovers decide

to dance




  1. a fouetté en tournant made of words!

  2. reminds me...

    The Last Dance

    A slow, building waltz
    pauses outside my bedroom door,
    the crescendo knocking politely
    at the base of my spine.

    Remembering the way
    your back said goodnight,
    for once graceful
    as you walked away from me.

    The floor retains fleeting heat,
    your scent drifts across the highway
    through my half-open front door
    as I flick ashes into the night air.

    Again, settling like dust
    on a forgotten shelf,
    I fall into a hollow, empty bed,
    check, but not check mate, tonight.

  3. For whatever reason, I'm not updated when someone comments on here, so I was wonderfully surprised to see this.

    Inspired poetry being left at all corners... this is a world that I like very much.

    And it is very beautiful, Julie, thank you for leaving it for me to see.

  4. You're welcome. Thank you for inspiring me to leave it.




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