Upstream of Consciousness wants to be a collection of interviews that only contain answers. I will provide 5 phrases, words, quotes, links, pictures, or videos (in italics) and your consciousness will provide the rest. Responses can be short or long, real or fictional, words, links, or anything in between. In return, each of my "subjects" will give me 1 item back which I will then respond to (under the heading Ripple, with a number next to it). Come, swim for a while.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Liz E

Liz E is the vocalist of Freezepop. She totally sent this to me a month ago, and I missed it because I thought my mail from that account was getting forwarded to a different account. It was not. Also, in the meantime, two of the youtube videos I sent her both got taken down (and I don't even remember what they were). I left the links and responses in for truth. Listen to Freezepop's awesome dance/electronic/fun music here. (or you know, Guitar Hero/Rock Band/etc.)

1. sprøde

2. Boston


3. sushi

i like avocado sushi a whole lot.

4. party like it's 1999

i already did that, in 1999.
uh, somebody took the video down.

6. hipster

these kids sure do like bandanas nowadays. and beards.
they took this one down too! WMG is cracking down!i don't have any of those albums.


that looks so simple, even i could play it! maybe.

10. 2030 videogames

i'll still be playing colecovision smurfs.

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