Upstream of Consciousness wants to be a collection of interviews that only contain answers. I will provide 5 phrases, words, quotes, links, pictures, or videos (in italics) and your consciousness will provide the rest. Responses can be short or long, real or fictional, words, links, or anything in between. In return, each of my "subjects" will give me 1 item back which I will then respond to (under the heading Ripple, with a number next to it). Come, swim for a while.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ripple (3)

3. "Whatever I know, I know it without words." - from The Serpent, The Open Theatre [Beth]

Hard, for me. Words are everything. I think in words, in narratives and phrases. When I see an image or hear music, my first impulse is to attach words to it. I connect to other people in words.

Sometimes, I think I would be a lot more honest without words. A lot braver. If instead of trying to express something, I just did it. But it is all that I know.


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